Foundation 2020 Spring Grants

The Distribution Committee of the Piqua Community Foundation recommended that the Board of Directors approve $45,864 for distribution at their June meeting, with grants being awarded to organizations later in June. Due to COVID restrictions, a group distribution was not able to be held.

Mini-Grants Were Awarded To:

Edison State Community College – Food banks on campus

Edison State Community College – Professional headshots for students

Piqua City Schools – PCIS – Title I reading program

Piqua City Schools – PHS – Indian Outfitters clothing donations

Piqua City Schools – Springcreek – Kindergartener-parent reading program

Piqua City Schools – Springcreek – Fine motor skill tools

Piqua Catholic School – Classroom calculators

Piqua Catholic School – Two-way security window film at Center for Early Learning

Standard Grants Were Awarded To:

Standard grants were awarded to:

Child Care Choices – Story Lady presentations (STEM related)

Edison State Community College – Music society start-up funding

Edison State Community College – Women in STEMM Expo

Edison State Community College – Veterinary manikins

Edison State Community College – Microscope replacements for biology department

Miami County Park District – Hug the Earth remote learning program

Miami County Fire & Emergency Services Association – Fire extinguisher training simulator

Miami County Recovery Council – Food for Hope House residents

Ohio State University Extension – Miami County junior farmers market

Piqua Catholic School – Air conditioning installation

Piqua Catholic School – Water fountain replacements

Piqua City Schools – PCIS – Social/mental/emotional health library

Piqua City Schools – PHS – Explore Learning Gizmos licenses

Piqua City Schools – Springcreek – Dollar books for first-graders

Piqua Parents as Teachers – Summer family playgroups

The Distribution Committee will meet next in October 2020. All grant applications received prior to September deadlines will be considered at that time.

Any 501(c) 3 organization interested in receiving application information should contact the Foundation office at 615-9080 or visit the website for more information.