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The Piqua Community Foundation encourages charitable giving to benefit the citizens of Piqua, and provides a variety of methods for donors to help fulfill their charitable giving wishes.


Winter 2017

I deem it the duty of every man to devote a certain portion of his income for charitable purposes: and that it is his further duty to see it so applied; to do the most good of which it is capable.

 -Thomas Jefferson

A new year brings new challenges and new excitement … and 2018 is certainly exciting for The Piqua Community Foundation. This year we are celebrating 25 years of serving the Piqua Community!

When The Foundation was established in November of 1993, the Board of Directors started with a great idea but no money! Unlike a private foundation that may have started with a large sum of money from a family or individual, The Piqua Community Foundation started with a zero balance. Community members were asked for donations to help start the process, and those who donated at least $1000 were named “charter life trustees.” Their names are still found in every annual report, in honor of their faith in The Foundation and our mission even before it existed. Their gifts, and those of all donors to the unrestricted funds of The Foundation, have allowed us to distribute over $1,000,000 in community grants over the years – all from the fund that started twenty-five years ago at zero.

As the year goes on, you will see our 25th anniversary logo displayed often, proudly announcing our first 25 years serving our community and its residents. Thank you for being part of our celebration!


Karen Wendeln

Executive director


"Providing your opportunity to enrich our community!"