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The Piqua Community Foundation encourages charitable giving to benefit the citizens of Piqua, and provides a variety of methods for donors to help fulfill their charitable giving wishes.



The Piqua Community Foundation accepts grant applications from any charitable not-for-profit organization, provided the applicant and its application meet the following criteria:


● The application must be accompanied by documentation verifying the applicant's 501 (c) (3) status or equivalent tax-exempt status

● The applicant organization must adhere to a mission that is religious, educational, scientific, literary or charitable in nature

● The application must document the way the project for which funds are being sought will benefit the residents of Piqua, Ohio

The Foundation makes two kinds of grants:

Standard Grants (grants of more than $500)
Mini-Grants ($500 or less, with a simpler application than required for a Standard Grant)


The Foundation makes Mini-Grants and Standard Grants twice each year. Deadlines for grant applications are as follows:

Mini-Grants – March 15 and September 15 each year
Standard Grants – March 31 and September 30 each year




Special grant forms are available for school related grants – those being sought by teachers, coaches, club advisers or principals.  The school mini-grant and school standard grant forms must be used for programs or projects operated in a school setting rather than the more generic forms used by other charitable organizations. Any applicant who questions which form to request should discuss the matter with the Foundation Executive Director.


All applications must be presented using The Piqua Community Foundation’s grant application forms.  Forms are available from The Foundation by writing (PO Box 226, Piqua, Ohio 45356), emailing, calling 615-9080, or faxing 615-9981.Completed applications must be delivered personally or by mail, and are not accepted by email or fax.  Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

The Foundation does not make grants to the same organization, project or program in consecutive years.  In most cases, The Foundation does not make grants for salaries or for general operating expenses.


For Recipients of all Piqua Community Foundation Grants:


Required follow-up reporting must be submitted within one year of receipt of the grant or (in the case of school related grants) prior to the end of the school year during which the project took place.  A report form was included with the grant check; to receive another hard copy or a digital copy, please contact the Foundation office.  Reporting also may include a brief presentation (for Foundation donors) by a representative of your organization, describing the project and its outcomes.    In addition, The Foundation expects the recipient organization to make appropriate public acknowledgment of The Foundation's assistance with the organization's project, through literature or otherwise.  The Foundation logo will be provided to all grant recipients to facilitate this acknowledgment of The Foundation's assistance.


Applicants are invited to contact The Foundation’s executive director with any questions or concerns, at 615-9080 or







The Piqua Community Foundation made grants totaling more than $48,000 to numerous local non-profit organizations and schools on May 10, 2018 at a distribution ceremony held at the YWCA of PIqua.


Mini-Grants were awarded to:

  • Lehman Catholic High School – for tuners for the music department
  • Piqua Central Intermediate School – 3 grants for a formal dining project, sensory items for an intervention classroom and multi-disciplinary items for the MD classroom.
  • Springcreek Elementary – for health and fitness equipment


Grants were awarded to:


  • Council on Rural Services Program – support for a HATCH interactive board
  • Dayton Performing Arts Alliance – for Adventures in Sound programs in Piqua intermediate schools
  • Edison State Community College – 2 grants for their Administrative Professionals Day and for a jazz clinic for local junior high and high school students
  • Girl Scouts of Western Ohio – for summer camp fees and transportation for Piqua Girl   Scouts to attend summer day camps
  • Miami County Park District – for a program on pollinators at Piqua Central Intermediate School
  • Piqua Arts Council – to support their Labor Day weekend Arts Festival
  • Piqua Catholic School – 2 grants for indoor security cameras and to help underwrite student retreat fees for grades 5-8
  • Piqua City Schools – 4 grants for the memorial garden at P.H.S., exercise equipment for Piqua Jr. High, MUSE Machine activities at Springcreek Elementary and for system-wide speech and language evaluation tools
  • Piqua Music Boosters – for new risers for The Company Show Choir
  • Troy – Miami County Library – for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library providing home-mailed books for Piqua children
  • St. James Episcopal Church – to support installation of a chair lift for access to their second level.

Mini-grant Recipients:

Seated, L to R: Jennifer Huelskamp, Heather Brandt and Beth Weaver-Culpepper, all of Piqua City Schools.

Standing, L to R: Ryan Wendeln of Lehman High School, Cady Sexton of Piqua City Schools,
and Steve Staley, distribution chairman for The Piqua Community Foundation






Standard Grant Recipients:

Seated, L to R: Leigh Ann McCulla of the Miami County Park District, Cindy McCurdy and Kait Barnes of the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, Marva Archibald of Edison State Community College, JoCinda Johns and Linda Tinsley of the Council on Rural Services, Jeanette Fletcher of Piqua City Schools

and Rachelle Miller of the Troy-Miami County Library.

Standing, front row - L to R: Kaitlin Mullennix and Ashtyn Wilson of “The Company”, Jordan Knepper of the Piqua Arts Council, Cindy Pearson of St. James Church,

Jackie Thase-Burch of Piqua City Schools and Scott Myers of the Miami County Park District.

Standing, back row - L to R: Brad Zimmerman of Piqua Catholic School, Dennis TenWolde of the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance, Joshua Smith

and Tony Lyons of the Piqua City Schools, and Steve Staley, distribution chairman for The Piqua Community Foundation.



The next Piqua Community Foundation grants will be made in November 2018. All grant applications received prior to the September deadlines will be considered for funding.  Any 501(c) 3 organization interested in receiving application information should contact the Foundation office at 615-9080 or email on the Contact Us tab.





The Distribution Committee of the Piqua Community Foundation recommended that the Board of Directors approve $43,914 for distribution at their October meeting, with grants being awarded to organizations in November 2017.


Mini-grants were awarded to:


  • Edison State Community College – (3 mini-grants) for equipment for an online geology program, conference fees for accounting students and items for CIT department breakout sessions
  • Lehman Catholic High School – (2 mini-grants) for A.P. chemistry equipment and Science Olympiad costs
  • Piqua Catholic School – for music writing software
  • Piqua City Schools – (6 mini-grants) for art books and Healthy Kid activities for Washington School, Quest backpacks for Springcreek School, sensory materials for multiple disabilities classes at P.C.I.S.,  Piqua Pride materials at Piqua Junior High and positive behavior rewards for P.H.S.


Standard Grants were awarded to:


  • Center for Early Learning at Piqua Catholic – for website development
  • City of Piqua Fire Department – for rope rescue equipment
  • Edison State Community College – for medical lab tech program equipment
  • GIVE Medical Ministry – for 2 lift chairs
  • Lockington United Methodist Church – for God’s Grocery food supplies
  • Piqua Catholic School – (2 grants) for Chromebooks and accessories for primary grades and as support for junior high trip to Gettysburg & Washington D.C.
  • Piqua Chamber Foundation – for schoolyard garden project
  • Piqua City Schools – for an art printer and supplies for Piqua High School
  • SafeHaven Inc. – to subsidize staff training
  • Upper Valley Career Center – for coding ozobots project for 8th grade students




Mini-grant Recipients:

Seated, left to right – Jessica Reed of Washington Elementary, Sandra Streitenberger of Edison State Community College, Sister Ginny Scherer of Lehman Catholic High School, Rebecca Schinaman of Edison State Community College, Cady Sexton of Piqua Central Intermediate School, and Rachel Birman of Piqua Catholic School.

Standing, left to right – Courtney Drees of Washington Elementary, Diane Fox of Piqua Junior High School, Jon Shoffstall of Piqua High School, Dr. Paul Heintz of Edison State Community College, Brad Zimmerman of Piqua Catholic School and Steve Staley, Foundation distribution chairman.

Unavailable – Katie Motter of Springcreek Elementary





Standard Grant Recipients:

Seated, left to right – Leslie Reichert of Piqua High School, Patsy Cavender of Lockington United Methodist Church’s God’s Grocery, Vicki Kirk of Edison State Community College, and Tricia Stemen of SafeHaven, Inc.

Standing, left to right – Steve Staley, Foundation distribution chairman, Tom Downs of GIVE Medical Ministry, Gregory Koth of Upper Valley Career Center, Brad Zimmerman of Piqua Catholic School, and Chief Brent Pohlschneider and Justin Poynter of the Piqua Fire Department.


Separate photo – Anna Baumeister and Ruth Koon of Piqua Chamber Foundation schoolyard garden


The next Piqua Community Foundation grants will be made in November 2017. All grant applications received prior to the September deadlines will be considered for funding.  Any 501(c) 3 organization interested in receiving application information should contact the Foundation office at 615-9080 or visit the website for more




The Piqua Community Foundation made grants totaling more than $42,000 to numerous local non-profit organizations and schools on May 19, 2017.


Five mini-grants were awarded to the Piqua City Schools. The grants will provide alternative seating for Piqua High School math classes, club t-shirts for the Piqua High School Key Club, teacher instructional materials for reading teachers at Springcreek Elementary, and “We Both Read” take-home books for Springcreek first graders and kindergarten students.


Standard Grants were awarded to:


  • American Red Cross for recruiting and retaining Piqua volunteers
  • Dayton Children’s Hospital for assistance for needy Piqua patient families
  • Eagles’ Wings Stable to support tuition subsidies for riders
  • Edison State Community College (3 grants) - for nursing simulations and equipment for both the medical lab tech and biology programs
  • Friends of Piqua Parks for improvements to Das park
  • His Hands Extended Sanctuary for their program to neuter stray/feral cats
  • Johnston Farm & Indian Agency Friends Council for computer and printer
  • Lehman Catholic High School (2 grants) - for after–school study space and architecture design software
  • Miami County Dental Clinic for cabinetry for their new offices
  • Miami County Recovery Council for Project Piqua Recovery
  • Miami County Y.M.C.A. for equipment for their child care center
  • Piqua Catholic School for a Chromebook charger stand
  • Piqua City Schools (2 grants) - for an author visit from Margret Peterson     Haddix to P.C.I.S. and for band-owned instruments at Piqua High School
  • Piqua Compassion Network for a new computer and office furnishings
  • Piqua Tourism Council to support Chautauqua events
  • Southern Ohio M.D.A. for summer camp costs for 2 Piqua campers
  • U.V.M.C. Foundation to support Rachel’s Challenge in the Piqua schools




2017 Spring grant recipients - Pictured seated (left to right): Jill Bobb of Edison State, Debra Smith of His Hands Extended Sanctuary, Edna Stiefel and Ruth Koon of Friends of Piqua Parks, Rebecca Sousek of Piqua Compassion Network, Ryan Wright of Southern Ohio M.D.A., and Kaitlyn Flory, Katybeth Jones and

Tina Watts all representing Springcreek Elementary School.

Standing (left to right): Carl Phlipot of Piqua High School, Mel Williamson-Beckner and Tiffany Pontius of His Hands Extended Sanctuary, Steven K. Staley of The Piqua Community Foundation distribution committee, Laura Shepherd and Cindy Long of the American Red Cross, Lorna Swisher of the Piqua Tourism Committee, Gretchen Roeth of the Piqua High School Key Club, Brandy Foreman of the Miami Co. Y.M.C.A., Becky Elifritz of the U.V.M.C. Foundation, Tina Rudy of the Miami Co. Y.M.C.A., Andy Hite of the Johnston Farm and Indian Agency, Stephanie Llacuna of Dayton Children’s Hospital, Misty Iddings of Piqua Central Intermediate School, Claire Timmer of the Miami Co. Dental Clinic, Erin Reese and Kathy Gehret of Edison State, Thom Grim of the Miami Co. Recovery Council, Heather Smith of Piqua Catholic School, Vicki Kirk and Paul Heintz of Edison State, and Dennis Maas of Lehman Catholic High School.




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