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The Piqua Community Foundation encourages charitable giving to benefit the citizens of Piqua, and provides a variety of methods for donors to help fulfill their charitable giving wishes.


G. William Hartzell Community Grants


In 2017, The Piqua Community Foundation began awarding these grants to organizations serving residents of Piqua, Ohio. The grants are not specific to particular programs or projects within the organizations and may be used for any purpose allowable for a charitable, not-for-profit organization.


Interested organizations may submit the application found HERE.


The July 31 deadline will be strictly enforced.


  • Recipient organizations will not usually be granted these funds in consecutive years. This allows more organizations to benefit.
  • Eligibility is not affected by receiving a grant or grants from any other fund of The Piqua Community Foundation.
  • Since so many of The Foundation’s community grants are made to school organizations, the Hartzell grants are not meant to be school grants. Organizations (such as U.V.M.C. Rachel’s Challenge, Brukner’s Hug the Earth Festival, etc.) that operate in the school systems may apply.
  • The committee will have the right to determine the amounts of each grant made – those made to different organizations in a given year need not be equal.


For more information, please contact Karen at 937-615-9080.



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