Edwin & Florence Sperry

Edwin & Florence “Tootie” Sperry

Edwin and Florence “Tootie” Sperry spent thirty-six years as the proprietors of Sperry’s Jewelry Store on North Main Street in Piqua. The Sperrys had been successful in business prior to retiring in May 1972. They enjoyed a number of happy years in Piqua and at Indian Lake following their retirement; Eddie passed away in 1987 and Tootie in 2003. With their estate plan, they bequeathed a generous sum to the Piqua Community Foundation which became the C. Edwin and Florence M. Sperry Fund. The Sperrys’ donation was totally unrestricted — allowing the Foundation’s investment committee and Board of Directors to determine where and how the fund would be invested, and the Foundation’s distribution committee to use the proceeds to make grants to local charitable organizations. The Sperrys’ generosity allows the Piqua Community Foundation to make grants on a much grander scale than would be possible using the unrestricted Community Fund alone.