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The Piqua Community Foundation encourages charitable giving to benefit the citizens of Piqua, and provides a variety of methods for donors to help fulfill their charitable giving wishes.


Cakes for a Cause 2017

The 12th annual “Cakes for a Cause” was held April 27 & 28 with “Oh! The Places You’ll Go!” as its theme.  The Piqua Community Foundation sponsors the event each year to benefit the Piqua Community Fund; this fund makes grants twice each year to charitable organizations that improve life for local residents.  More than $80,000 in grants were made last year, and more than $1million in grants has been given since 1995.

Seventy-two creatively designed cakes were donated to the cause by local businesses, individuals, schools and not-for-profit organizations.  Cakes were accompanied by “incentives” – added by the donors – that significantly increased the values of the cakes.

Three cakes with special incentives were auctioned during Thursday’s Bakers’ Party; they were the cakes donated by Phoenix Bat Company, Young Life and Dr. and Mrs. James Burkhardt.  On Friday, from noon until 5:00 PM, the auction was broadcast on W.P.T.W. radio.  Each twenty-minute time slot included the auctioning of several cakes, with bids placed live at the Mall or phoned in.  The cakes and incentives were awarded to the highest bidder at the end of the time slot.

Those visiting the mall could vote for their favorite cake, with the top vote-getter earning “The People’s Choice” award.  This year, the people chose the cake donated by Phoenix Bat Company and baked by The Cakery, which depicted the places a person could go with a Phoenix Bat.  Miami Valley Steel Services won the Corporate Challenge, with a bid of $4100; this cake also won the High Bid trophy. The Theme Prize, an engraved silver cake knife complements of Joe Thoma Jewelers, went to the tropical island cake created by Sweet Hart Cakes for Barclay’s Men’s-Women’s Clothiers.

The Piqua Community Foundation encourages charitable giving to benefit citizens of Piqua.   The Foundation expresses sincere thanks to all those who gave to benefit the community through this event – those who donated cakes, purchased cakes, volunteered their time and expertise to the event, and to those who attended or listened and got caught up in the “Cakes for a Cause” excitement.  The event generated over $19,000 for the Piqua Community Fund.

For those who missed seeing the cakes (or those who would like to see them again), photographs of the cakes can be seen here.

Miami Valley Steel Services representatives pose with the High Bid and Corporate Challenge trophies won in this year's event.

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